EditorPro FAQ

Iíve just finished banging out the Great American Novel on my trusty Royal typewriter. Why canít you edit it?

EditorProís low rates are based on the savings and ease of electronic editing. Not only does manual editing involve significant wear and tear on the editor in terms of trying to scribble in margins with a red pencil, but additional time spent making sure changes get reflected in the final version. Especially for anything involving substantial edits, electronic editing turns out a better book. And after allómost publishers these days require an electronic version.

Iíd like to chat with the editor about my book. Why does EditorPro communicate only through email?

Itís part of the package by which EditorPro can offer flat rates for editing projects rather than making clients deal with estimates and hourly rates. In over five years of editing, three of which were done for EditAvenue, which actually forbids phone or in-person contact between editors and clients, the editor has never encountered a question that couldnít be dealt with effectively (and much more efficiently) via email. By having all communications in writing, the editor is able to make sure that all client directions are carried out without having to worry about taking notes on conversations.

How do I know what my edited work will look like?

The editor is always happy to provide a sample edit of up to 10% of the work or 2500 words, whichever is smaller. This will allow you to see the editorís approach to your work and determine whether she is a good fit for your writing.

What if I donít like the editorís suggested changes or comments?

Your work is always your own. If you have the MS Word Track Changesô program, acceptance or rejection of any proposed change is just a click of the mouse away.

Will the editor preserve my unique voice?

Yes, to the extent possible consistent with your work being publishable. For example, characters can use bad grammar in dialogue, but the same in straight text will get your book rejected by traditional publishers and recommended for a content edit by the POD houses. The same is true for dialect that may be difficult for the reader to understand. If you have any concern over how the editor will approach your voice, please request a sample edit.