EditorPro Editing Process
EditorPro and author agree on the cost of the edit and the turnaround time. The author then submits the document as an email attachment. For those authors who aren’t comfortable with electronic transmission of their work, EditorPro will provide a mailing address for sending a CD or flash drive. As EditorPro is an electronic editing service only, EditorPro does not normally work with any hard copy (paper) document.

At the same time the document is sent, if an initial deposit is needed (which will generally be true for new clients and for longer works), EditorPro will at the author’s choice:

EditorPro will confirm receipt of the document and any deposit. The edit then begins consisting of two steps: original edit and final edit.
On request of the author, EditorPro will divide the two steps of the editing process to allow author feedback in between the original edit and the final edit. When the final edit is complete, the document is returned to the author. The editor will then address any questions. Once all questions have been answered, the editing process is complete and any payment or balance is due.


EditorPro policies for handling revised documents, revisions during the editing process, and post-edit revisions can be found here.

Use of MS Word Track Changes™

All editing is done using the MS Word Track Changes™ tool. This allows the writer to see the editor’s suggested changes and comments and decide what to accept or reject. For authors not having access to Track Changes, EditorPro will provide a clean copy of the document with all changes incorporated. Those changes can then be viewed through use of any "compare documents" tool.

Editing Guidelines


In accordance with many style guides, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) is used for all spelling and hyphenation questions. If a word doesn’t appear in the dictionary, the editor makes a decision based on the use of the word on the Internet.


EditorPro follows the rules set forth in The Elements of Style (4th ed.) by William Strunk Jr., E.B. White, and Roger Angell Unless instructed otherwise, books and short stories are edited according to the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.). If requested by the author, EditorPro will also follow specific publisher/journal guidelines.

Authors requiring American Psychological Association (APA) or legal formatting (Bluebook or ALWD) are invited to visit EditorPro’s sister websites:

Confidentiality Policy:

Unless confidentiality is expressly waived by the author, EditorPro holds all documents and client communications in complete confidence. While this policy should protect authors automatically, the editor is also happy to enter into any reasonable written confidentiality agreement.

Electronic Only Communications

For a number of reasons, EditorPro does all communicating with clients via the Internet. Please visit the FAQ for more information.