Books Edited
As either a copy or developmental editor, Brooke has edited over 150 full-length books in four categories: fiction, nonfiction, academic, and legal. Publishing houses include Carina Press (Harlequin imprint), Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, American Bar Association, Harvard University Press, and others. Although publisher and author privacy considerations don’t permit a complete listing, representative works can be found below.
Brooke has edited over twenty novels including historical fiction, horror, literary, mainstream, romance (including erotica), science fiction, and young adult:
A Question of Respect – Robert Worley  
Historical novel on how the U.S. became involved in the War of 1812
Chairman-X – Rami Loya  
Suspense novel about a Massad’s agent infiltration of the PLO
When God Sleeps – Rose Rodriquez-Gregory  
Christian novel about a young woman’s search for God in her troubled life
Brass and Bone – Cynthia Gael  
Steampunk witches, and theivery
Unleashed Desire – Patricia Robinson  
Romance/erotica novel about the obstacles thrown in the way of a passionate couple’s love
Calling the Shots — Christine D’Abo (Carina Press: forthcoming October 2012)
Shattered Magic — Rebecca York (Carina Press: forthcoming August 2012)
Brooke has edited over a hundred nonfiction works ranging from academic treatises and law books to cookbooks, genealogical analyses, how-tos, inspirationals, memoirs, and trivia quizzes
Access-Right: The Future of Digital Copyright – Zohar Efroni (Oxford University Press 2010)  
An Army of Lions: The Civil Rights Struggle Before the NAACP – Shawn Leigh Alexander (University of Pennsylvania Press 2011)  
The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Beyond Pharoahs – Douglas J. Brewer (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming August 2012)  
Creation without Restraint: Promoting Liberty and Rivalry in Innovation – Christina Bohannon and Herbert Hovenkamp (Oxford University Press 2011)  
Internet Crimes, Torts, and Scams: Investigation and Remedies – Melise R. Blakeslee (Oxford University Press, both 2009 and 2011 editions)  
Listed: Dispatches from America’s Endangered Species Act – Joe Roman (Harvard University Press 2011)  
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Cognitive Science– Eric Margolis, Richard Samuels and Stephen P. Stich (Oxford University Press 2012)  
Police Reform in Mexico: Informal Politics and the Challenge of Institutional Change– Daniel M. Sabet (Stanford University Press 2012)